Bashar and Salma are Getting Married

Star academy 2 students Bashar AlGhazawi from Jordan and Salma AlGhazali from Algeria are getting married in almost 2 weeks from now, exactly on the 18th of this month August 2005.

They will be traveling to Algeria to continue the marriage ceremony there at Salma’s home country with her family members…

Here are some photos of Salma and Bashar:
'Click the photo to enlarge it'

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  1. wacko


  1. just someone
    just someone

    well just as long as samer and katia dont get

  1. Natasha

    how cute, they don't really match eachother - but what the hell.. allh yhannihon

  1. rashroosha

    omg!!! i am soo happy for them i always knew there was something going on...ans as for katia and bashar DO hope that the sparkes they used to have shall flame again!!!
    mabrook bashar w salma kolna men7ebkom

  1. suzy

    he's too good for her!

  1. luvbasharghazawi

    well i dont know if its true but if its true good luck to both of them !

  1. shereen

    oh my god I can't believe this but do you think the other bashar a nd katia are going to get married now that would be weird I mean OH MY GOD

  1. Hassan


  1. Meeeha

    O. My. God.


  1. HinDawDaw

    eeeee oh my god i cant beleive this sooooo coool im so happy for them hehe i never knew they liked eachother so cool

  1. moimoi

    That is cool!!!

  1. libangrl

    wow..bashar and salma r great for each happy for them may they have the best luck..

  1. lula

    OMG!!! that is awesome!!!! i love bashar and i love salma ..they dont match but w.e alf mebrook salma w bashar!! im sooo happy for them!

  1. nina

    bachar al qaisi please give me your email

  1. nina

    bicho qaisi you are the beast man egnor every body but not bachar al gasawi,kati,and ahmad salah aldean
    send me you email ppppplllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee

  1. Ahbal

    I always thought Salma was g.a.y and into women! Wow, she proved me wrong. Bashar is a GOOD guy with an ugly voice and a great talent in everything but singing. I wish them the best as long as they never sing again ;)

    What next Zizi and Hisham?

  1. nouf

    i just thought they were friendz remember in the academy salma use to like him as a friend and
    no1 thinked they LOVE each other and r getting mariied coz salma use to treat bashar as her little brother NO WERE NEAR MARRIAGE
    anyway GOOD LUCK THE BOTH OF U!!!

  1. reem

    that's sucks
    bashar is to goo0d for salma
    she ulgyyyy

  1. rashrooosha

    ya reem i agree with u

  1. farah

    i hate both of them ;)

  1. Lyna

    C'est pas bien ce que t'a fait salma !

  1. yaman

    hey ppl i heard that it was just a rummor coz it seems there is a reporter who asked bashar r u married and he said no?!?!

  1. slim

    Salma acts like a boy;;;;;and looks like one;;;
    Bashar is way too good for her;;;;ur right ahbal

  1. arabian_princess

    OMG!! i didn't expect that at all! wat a shocker! the photos show they suit so congrats to them! :D

  1. just someone
    just someone


    yea it is a rumor they asked him and he said no so they arent getting married thank god he is too good for her...she is so ugly and he is soooo....theres no words i love him so much!!!!

  1. Sihem from LA
    Sihem from LA

    You guys are sooo mean...
    They love each other, let them get married.....
    Selma will make a good wife, she is responsible, beautiful, and has a good heart....I knew Bashar liked her, just the way he looks at her, the sparkle in his eyes mean a lot...
    If it's true, Mabrook, they will have a cute babies....a nice mix, Jordanien and Algerian....

  1. just someone
    just someone

    wat r u talking about thats a terrible mix
    a good voice (bashar) and a bad voice(selma)out together is not a good mix...i never saw a jordinian with an algerian or anything but let me tell u something there both muslim and they arent getting married they are romantically involved which in the real world means there boyfriend and girlfriend THEY ARE MUSLIM!!!!!

  1. bayrotiye LEBNEN
    bayrotiye LEBNEN

    what are u talking about
    its not a jordanian and algerian mix. it´s a palestinian and algerian mix dah
    he is not jordanian. just look at his last name.. it´s from the city ghazze in palestine.
    and come on everybody knows that jordanians aren´t hot like him :)

  1. houstonian

    palastinian, jordanian, algerian,, zeft el6een,, comeon guys,, its realy fact that bashar and salma will get married soon, I heard this long time ago from close friend to him,,
    anyways,, he made a mistake to pick salma as a wife, bcoz everybody saw her and know her,, and we know bashar, he is away better than her,, no doupt she is a good looking but what else!!!
    Congrats, Beeesh

  1. NADA


  1. Yezen

    Well good for them lol. It really is a funny thought though.

  1. just someone
    just someone

    i just heard that they are romanticly involved...not that they are getting married or anything.......

  1. oumri

    oh mu god
    oh my god
    that is unbelivable
    i mean i never think about it
    i still can't believe it i think it's just a rumour
    i won't believe before i see them husband and wife togather
    oh my god..............!

  1. Yolanda -Tunisie !
    Yolanda -Tunisie !

    I can`t believe how the middle east could be full of retarded people like some of you who are talkin` about never jordanian and algerian and so on and so fourth or that he`s too good for her ? HOW COULD THAT SHORT MIDJIT DUDE BE BETTER THAN SALMA ? she`s responsible , kind , cute and the way she behaves herself is not g.a.y is just the way she is , just a reminder : she is not middle-eastern , so she can`t be behaving like most of women from that part of the world do , north african women are strong and independent and don`t need to wear 99 tons of make up and do 156 plastic surgery to make their nose smaller and make their boobs bigger , she is WAAAAAAAAAAY in a better position than him , she immigrated on her own to a completely different country the emirates and has a good job and don`t need any crap from anyone , wheras the guy is a future unemployed and only : a good cook .... so think about it for a second !

  1. Doudi

    nice to hear that..really i'm happy 2 know that and i wish all the luck 4 them..


  1. Hanin

    oh my god!mesh ma oul.Bashar is an palestinian boy not jordanian.Bass eza mazbut hal haki.MABROUK.oh my god ,oh my god its very funny i dont believe that!

  1. nancy

    what a couple they dont match each other but they look cute.

  1. nabila

    je suis trés contente pour salma l'algerienne, tu nous as honnorer ma chére Selma et tu as prouver que la femme Algerienne et Maghrebine et digne d'etre la meilleur femme du monde Arabe, contrairement a tous ce qui ont dis du mal de TOi et de Bishou, longue heureuse vie conjugale, Nous les Algériennes ont accepte que la vérité et le durable et pas de mariage 2Orfi c'est officille et je te le redis merci au noms de toutes algerienne femme, maman, fille et soeur Merci,

  1. kati

    i hate salma , she looks like a boy!

  1. osama

    I think that Bashar and Salma will make a great couple , they are both kind , sensitive, and come from well mannered households. I think that they are both so strong for being able to hide their feelings towards each other for four whole months during the show. I think that they are both amazing and deserve the best in life. Alf mabroooook for boht of u .

  1. *aLiSaR*

    you guys shouldn't base this on their voices. So if two people loved each other and one had a good voice and one had a bad voice...they couldn't get married? marriage is about love, not voices

  1. a girl with a life
    a girl with a life

    Before i comment anything on salma and bashar, all i want to say for all you people is GROW UP!!! i got into this website on coincidence and saw the nonsense all you people are writing...and all i have for you is GET A LIFE!!! it doesn't matter if he sings, it doesn't matter is she sings, it doesn't matter if he's a midget boy, and it doesn't matter if she looks like a boy, all that matters is that they got together and they didnt' care waht anyone thinks. so whether you like salmla and hate bashar, and whether you like bashar and hate salma, just be happy for them and enjoy the pictures....let's see who YOU'RE gonna end up with!!!!!!
    again, GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!


  1. nono

    i just can't believe this, it's liken there was friendships that endedup in marrige but not that fast, does anybody think that its only asetup thing like eamon and frankie or its true love and did they invite their staracademy pals?smbdy answer plz

  1. Taqwa

    lol..bashaar and salma!? i thoguth she was a lesbian!

  1. bint kuwaitiya
    bint kuwaitiya

    hey inta wayn raye7 ya taqwa shes not lesbian she is so kind and there good for each other!

  1. lana

    مبروك يا بشار وسلمى وان شاء الله تتهنوا

  1. karima

    salut a tout le suis tellemen heureuse pour les 2 nouveaux mariés bon c etait ps une surprise pour moi car tous ceu q ui ont bien suivis le programe auron pu observer l amour que tous le 2 ressnt pour l autre mais ils esseyent de le divulger devant le publc je leur shouait une vie plein de bonheur et je leur espere de n avoir jamais regreter leur belle relation.bisos pour ma chere salma je t aime tres fortet prnd soin de bashar c t un brave type.

  1. jessy

    alf mabrouk ento ahla arousine fe el donia salma is a good women bashar agood man and elly you2oul enhom ma ynfa3oush ib2a ma bifhamesh haga

  1. sameer

    I wish much happiness to the couple! The pics are very cute. They should'nt listen the others because people are very jealous. I hope to find a nice woman like salma.

  1. hajar

    vous ete ke d conne salma et bashar von tré bien ensemble el n'est ni lesbien ni walou

  1. hajar

    vous ete jalous salma et bashar von tré bien ensemble el n'est ni lesbien ni walou

  1. memo

    OMG they r great no matter wut other ppl r saying, am witht the girl with a life
    no matter how they looks like or voice or anythin
    love is above all of that
    CONGRATULATIONS bashar and salma

  1. farah

    i think thier gr8 together

  1. Meriem

    I am going to say "OH MY GOD" because it's a fashion these days, and everybody is saying it and (ana m3aahoum).

    Touz feekoum. She got herself and goooooood cuuuute looking little toy boy. YOU GO GIRL.


  1. Fatima

    OMGGG this is soo cool..i am so happy for them 2...but i've never seen a spark between them in the academy..CONGRATS and i hope the best for u 2..maybe Reem might follow the footsteps of her sister salma and fall in love with someone in the academy..u never know...GOOD LUCK

  1. Fatima

    OMGGG this is soo cool..i am so happy for them 2...but i've never seen a spark between them in the academy..CONGRATS and i hope the best for u 2..maybe Reem might follow the footsteps of her sister salma and fall in love with someone in the academy..u never know...GOOD LUCK

  1. Nat

    OMG!!! i cant beleive they have been married 4 like a while and i no NOW!!!!
    thatz cute but kinda wrong cause they dont really suit! anywayz good luck 2 them and congratz!!!!!! mwa mwa

  1. dalou

    alf mabrouk pour ma belle salma et mon beau bachar.mais vraiment sont geniale les deux et aussi sont adorable couple .jsuis algerienne et je suis fiere de toi selma tu es la plus belle fille dans ce monde et tu as choisis le meilleure personne bachar. alf alf alf alf alf alf mabrouk

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