Top Arabic Songs

Which song of the following Egyptian, Lebanese, Khaleeji (Gulf), and Maghrebi (North Africa) songs list you think are the best?

Best Egyptian Song

Amr diab, lealy nahary
Ruby, ebaa abelny
Mahmoud esseily & bouchra, tabat w nabat
Wama, ya ghaly alaya
Omda, ayez aeish

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Best Lebanese Song

Elissa, hobak waja
Maria, bahebak ad eh
Dolly chahine, moumou eini
Nancy ajram, inta eh
Haifa wehbe, badi eish

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Best Khaleeji (Gulf) Song

Majed el mohandes, kowa kowa
Abdullah al rowaished, ma fi ahad mirtah

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Best Maghrebi Song

Saber el rebaie, ezit nafsy
Samira saeid, makhalas

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If there is a good song missing from the list and you think it should be added, please post the name of this song here.

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  1. seniora

    for Khaleji songs:
    Gilla -- Abdul Majeed Abdullah
    Nadeet -- Abbas Ibrahim

    for Egyptian songs:
    Tayib Tayib -- Mohammed Fouad
    Balash al Malama -- Khalid Selim
    Sherien -- Mabtifra7shi

    for Lebanese songs:
    Galy 3alayee -- Carol Sma7a
    Low 3ala albi -- Fadel

    for Maghribi songs:
    Youm Aleik -- Thikra
    Ba7lam Biloak -- Thikra

  1. chilling out of melb
    chilling out of melb

    Dear Waleg

    I reckon rashed al-majed ( nesaninakom song) should be included in khaleji songs section coz this song is listned by most of khalejis and break the top 10 in khaleji song .

  1. Sihem from Los Angeles
    Sihem from Los Angeles

    Dear Waleg!

    There few other singers for Maghrebi that you haven't included. Like Cheb Khaled, and Cheb Mami, and Faudel....

  1. HinDawDaw

    you're missing alot of excellent khaleeji songs like rashidil majids songs and abdulmajeed one of rashid il majid's songs thats famous here in the uaeis "metkaber 3alaina" and also "nesainakom" and millions of other great songs

  1. Theodore

    WALEG R those the best for u:S??????

    how can u say tha dolly and haifa r from da best " they r too stupid girls" ...lebanon is full of better ppl like ragheb alama , nawal , ramy ayach, carole smaha and more

    Egyptian can u say omda is from the best :s . there r attia , mostafa amar, hisham abbas , khaled selim, sherine, tamer,mohammed foad ,mai selim and many more

    khaliji , there r huessin el jasmi ,abd el majid abdallah , ...

    magharbi : there also laila ghofran , fella , hasna

    so plz we want Something worth voting for.

  1. libangirlll

    hey guys,
    im lebanese so i am goin to stick with the lebanese songs they are all good i agree but waleg u needed to also add carol smaha for -ghaly 3galee and darine hadctiti for-eddam el kel.
    anyways thankx for postin this topic its intersting..

  1. lil mo
    lil mo

    i think egyptian and lebanese music are da best

  1. menmen

    i have to agree with theodre, the choice of songs are very weird.

  1. yehia71(egyptian kid)
    yehia71(egyptian kid)

    Dear Waleg,
    There are other few lebanese singers you missed like:Fadl Shaker in "law faker" or "senin el shouq".and thank you for this site

  1. yehia71 (egyptian kid)
    yehia71 (egyptian kid)

    law aala qalbi- Fadl shaker
    balash el malama-khaled selim
    amalti eh-hisham abbas
    wahashtini- amr diab
    helm omry-khaled selim
    eshna ad eh-khaled selim
    gowaia-fadl shaker

  1. Jude

    Majed El Mohandes is NOT KHALEEJI! He is Iraqi, which is not considered from the Khaleej nor from Sham (Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, etc). Sometimes Iraq is categorized as "north" with Syria and Lebanon, but Iraq is kind of in-between, and you can see many things in Iraqi music and dances that are similar to both Shami and Khaleeji music (debke/choubi, hair twirling, bizkha etc). There should be a category just for Iraqi music just like there are categories for Lebanese and Egyptian, did you forget Kazem el Saher, Alaa Saad ("Bortogala"), Rida Abdullah??

    Meghrebi section has room for a lot more folks, I'm assuming Meghrab includes Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, am I right, so why are there only two songs? Hasna, Fulla, the Chebs??

    Khaleej has sooo many more singers, Abbas Ibrahim, Rashed Majed, Ahlam, Aryaam, Maram, and 100s of singers that have names that start with "Abul" lol.

    Improve your list please WALEG.

  1. WALEG

    Dear All,

    Thank you for all your suggestions, we will be taking them into consideration, however we will be giving other visitors and friends a chance to post their suggestions too before updating the polls listings.

    Thank you again :)

  1. WALEG

    The choice of the songs is based on the top songs that were choosen by the Arab Audience on Melody and Rotana Music Tv channels... Its true that there are many songs that are much better than those on the lists, we agree with you and we will be taking your suggestions into consideration as previously stated.

  1. aramko

    Dear Waleg,

    I don't understand your choice of Maghrebi songs. While those singers come from the Arab Maghreb, their music is not considered maghrebi. They sing in Egyptian. Al maghreb al Arabi has scores of other singers who sing their own dialect. Especially in Algeria. I know you say these songs were chosen by Tv viewers but that's not an excuse in my book.


  1. sousou

    je suis d'accord avec toi aramko
    vous avais séléctionez des chanteurs qui chantes en dialecte de moyen orient.
    ce là ne veux pas dire qu'il n y as pas une chancons magrébine.
    notament si en prend l'algérie c'est le seul pays arabe qui as fais connaitre sa music dans le monde.
    donc quand on choisie des région du monde arabe, on choisie en fonction de style et culture.
    c'est vraiment mon avie.
    merci a tous

  1. wacko

    i know that majid el muhandis is iraqi and not khaleeji,but,his song gwwa gwwa IS khaleeji and its a popular song here in gulf,so thats y its in the khaleej section ;)

  1. Eva


    In Lebanse singer i choose :
    Nanacy 3garm
    Maria ...(They r the best)

    bent lebanon

  1. Jude


    You say Majed El Mohandes is singing khaleeji accent in the song "gwwa gwwa" but

    Nancy Ajram is Lebanese, "Enta Aih" is Egyptian accent.

    Dolly chahine, Lebanese singer. "Moumou Eini" Meghraben accent.

    Maria, Lebanese singer. "Bahebak ad eh" Egyptian accent.

    Samira Saeid, Moroccan singer. "Makhalas" Egyptian accent.

    Kazem El Saher, Iraqi singer. Many of his songs, "A7bnny", "Ella Talmeezi", "Zidini 3shqan", etc are in fos7a.

    Getting the point here? None of the songs I listed are sung in the dialect of the singer's country. So, Majed Mohandes is still Iraqi even if he sang in Khaleeji or Egyptian as he does a lot.

    Getting the point here?

  1. sandra

    i reallyn loooooooooooooove uuuu babe

  1.  liliane

    Dolly Chahine's song is in Algerian dialect with some French. It's true that maghrebi(Algerian, Tunisian, Moroccan) dialects are very similar, but there is no such a thing as a Maghrebi accent. More importantly each one of these countries i cited above has it's own
    style(s) of music!

  1. Amira Omar
    Amira Omar

    How come....u missed Fadl Shaker which is the best lebanese singer....
    Law 3ala Albi
    Fein Layaleek
    Saharny el Sho2
    Youmi Besana

  1. adeel

    hey im tryin to download songs that are popular in the middle east like for example i went to sham this past summer n i cant remember any of the songs that were playin or who sings them if u have any ideas or wat web site i could go to please inform me thank u

  1. a kuwaity girl
    a kuwaity girl

    7agy ana khaliji music el a7la shay i love it sooooooooooooo much waya3gebny 7ayl hatha el a7la shay fy 7ayaty

  1. Ays

    where are Haifa Wehbe and Nancy Ajram

  1. kuwaitiya

    7agy ana il aghany il khaleeji el a7la aghany fi al 3alam killa wa ana amout 3alaykom yalla go khaleeji music u are the best of all!!!:p

  1. yaQ

    under khaleejy songs it should deffinately be abbass ibrahim! and song will do. all of his songs are wonderful!

  1. nadia

    Just commenting on people who stated that the song Gowah Gowah by majid almuhandis is is not khaleeji it is actually an iraqi song which is sang by many iraqi singers...its like other iraqi songs that many iraqi singers sing which include 5ala w ya 5ala and 7ayra and gullby wija3ny etc..Majid almuhandis is an iraqi singer..iraq is not part of the khaleej nor is it from the north...
    God Bless IRAQ
    Mwahhhhhh to all iraqis :)

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