Top Ten Arabic Songs

So many Arabic songs are coming out these days that we just canít keep track of them!
Each and every singer wants his/her song to be the first one on the top ten list, but not all do; which is the rule of the game.

This month, the top ten Arabic songs are:

Leli Nahari by Amr Diab
Ah wi Nus by Nancy Ajram
Arab liah by Wael Kfouri
Omri kul Yum fi by Elissa
Inti Mshiti by Milhem Zein
Lawn Ayounak by Nancy Ajram
Ma yswa by Hussein EL-Jasmi
Inek Kaddabin by Nawal Zughbi
Ahla Dunia by Elissa
Kul ma Ulu Ah by Ruby

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